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First Date Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who submitted a story. I love stories. I love love stories and how they began. Everyone who submitted for the change at a free engagement shoot had an incredible beginning. Unfortunately there are only three winners. 

Third Place: Maryanne and Josh! I love when some weird happenstance leads to two people starting something new. While I am sure her fiancé is more smooth now, a mis-typed text message lead to him letting her know that he had feelings for her. He brought roses to their first date at Morton's. What a sweetheart.

Second Place: Michael and Dana! I love meeting parents. It is possibly one of my favorite things to do when I am friends with or dating someone. Usually that part of the relationship takes a while to happen. When Michael tried to impress Dana on their first date to his own student film screening, she was. The awkward part was she also met his parents that night as they were there to support him as well. Looks like it all still worked out!

First Place: Whitney and Patrick! I love when a friend tries to set me up with someone. They are there for you and want you to be happy. There are lots of ways to set two people up. Having an Aunt create a profile for you on an online dating site, and then messaging men without your knowledge is a new one for me! I guess Whitney and her Aunt have the same taste in men because they went out to Bonefish grill and closed the place down.

Thank you to everyone who participated and I cannot wait to capture these soon!