Denver Senior Pictures

Denver Senior Picture Photographer and Wedding Photographer in Denver, CO.

Chaparral High School Senior: Marina

Soon to be Chaparral High School Senior Marina has one of my favorite laughs. She came down with her best friend Sasha to celebrate her older sisters wedding in Mexico. While down in Playa Del Carmen we did a senior shoot a little different than they normally are in Denver. Sand, palm trees and some ocean water helped make this shoot awesome. For more information or to book your shoot contact me here!

Chaparral High School Senior: Sasha

Chaparral High School Senior Sasha loves the sun, dresses and the beach! It's not every day your older sister gets married, and its not every day that it happens in Mexico! I went down to photography her older sister's wedding in Playa Del Carmen and while we were there we did a fun senior portrait session in the sand. Too much fun! For more information or to book your session contact me here!

Chaparral High School Senior: Samantha

Chaparral High School Senior Samantha did an amazing job during her portrait session. I often hear “I’m not that photogenic so I am really nervous.” I always say “Don’t worry about it, it is my job to show your beauty!” That is what happened here. Samantha loves the library and has amazing taste in music. For more information or to book your senior portrait shoot contact me here!

Denver School of the Arts Senior Portraits: Paul

Denver School of the Arts Senior Paul is an artist. We tried to bring that out in his portrait session. He dances ballet which means he is graceful, but he is also mature and has an awesome sense of humor. With senior pictures we always try to find a location that fits the character of the senior. We did some in studio images for his portfolio for applying to schools, and then we went to the heart of downtown Denver which has as much character as Paul. To get more information or to book your session contact me here!

Cherry Creek High School Senior Pictures: Isabel

Cherry Creek High School Senior Isabel brought some color to her photo shoot! Some people are good at just one thing, some are good are two, some are good at everything! Isabel rocks on classical guitar, she is a competitive equestrian rider and one of the funniest girls I know. We added a little edge to her portraits by using some of the graffiti walls in downtown Denver. This blending well with the beautiful shots we started with at Cheeseman Park. For more information or to book your session contact me here!

Kent High School Senior Pictures: Caroline

Kent High School Senior Caroline can't be described in one way, so we did both a studio photo shoot and an out door one! I love studio shoots because we get the music playing, turn the fan on for a fashion look and really have some fun. Caroline has a sweet smile and fun attitude which really came through in her portraits. For more information or to book your shoot contact me here!

Lakewood High School Senior Pictures: Kiki

Lakewood High School Senior Kiki loves color and she showed me that during her portrait shoot. I love color too! We shot these near the Cheeseman park area of downtown Denver. Everything from those green pants to the amazing coral dress we finished off with was just perfect. We always try to add a little style to our sessions and stay away from the same old boring looks. To get more information or to book your shoot contact me here!

Arapahoe High School Senior Pictures: Lauren

Arapahoe High School Senior Lauren had some tricky weather on her senior portrait session! We had to split it into two days because we only got a few shots off before it really started raining! Lauren is a sweet heart. I always try to bring out different elements of someones personality during a shoot because I love the uniqueness in people. When you are a teenager you may not know exactly who you are yet. Lauren always saw herself as this giggly girl who could never be serious. I loved that she is so fun but I wanted to show her that she is lots of different things. After that first click she told me she never knew she had it in her. This is what I love about portraiture. To get more information or book your shoot contact me here!

Faith Christian High School Senior Pictures: Jack

Faith Christian High School Senior Jack is ones of those guys that just has it all. Photogenic, funny, confident, talented and smart. He got a scholarship to play Golf in Colorado so we kicked off our sunrise session on the course! We could put these sports photos in a Nike advertisement. I love shooting high school guys because I remember what it was like. Unsure about where your life is going, where you will end up, missing your family while you are away at college. I see so much confidence in Jack and it makes me excited for man he will become. For more information or to book your session contact me here!

Denver East High School Senior: Liz

Denver East High School Senior Liz wanted to do a little something different on her portrait shoot. She is a dancer, the ballet kind! We ended a few shots with her showing off her awesome moves. Before that we walked around my favorite party of downtown Denver... Cheeseman Park. There are just so many interesting places that are perfect for showing off an interesting person becoming an adult. To book your session or to get more information on senior pictures, shoot me an email!