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Romantic Beach Wedding in Playa Del Carmen // Dru + Bryan

Romance and Fun. And the beach. Three of my favorite things all rolled into one amazing wedding. Playa Del Carmen is one of the most stunning places I have ever been, which was perfect because Dru and Bryan are one of the most stunning couples I have ever had the pleasure to photograph! This wedding will truly be unforgettable.

Romantic Wedding at The Brown Palace // Lesley and Brandon

I love the Brown Palace. I love the Holy Ghost Church. I love when romantic weddings take place in them, especially when they are these two amazing people. Lesley and Brandon had their wedding almost exactly one year ago. I could tell they were going to make it when Brandon's dry thumb accidentally bled on the back of Lesley's dress, haha. What could have been a major disaster turned out to be something we all laugh about today. Life isn't about everything being perfect. It is about making the most out of imperfect situations.

Every year for my birthday week I try to do one thing each day I have never done before. I remembered back from their engagement shoot that Brandon loves motorcycles. He was nice enough to take me dirt biking for my very first time. I love these guys.

Best of luck to you two!! For more information or to book your wedding, contact me here!

Naples Beach Wedding // Katie and Kelly

Well, its destination wedding season. Its hard to beat a mountain wedding, but when it gets cold the beach gets pretty inviting! Katie and Kelly thought so too, so they decided to head out of Denver and  have their friends and family meet them in Naples, Florida for the celebration. I must be a rain magnet because it threatened the beautiful ceremony. After guests got seated it started to come down. Luckily it passed so that they could have their dream wedding surrounded by palm trees like they had planned. Thank you Katie and Kelly for your sweetness, love, and dance skills. See you back in Denver!

Marco Island Florida Wedding // Julie and Bill

I love small weddings and I love when they are at a beautiful destination! Julie and Bill got hitched on Marco Island in Florida. Now, I’m no stranger to rain on a wedding day, but for Julie and Bill it rained almost nonstop all day. I ran outside for about 20 minutes to capture some of the beautiful sites of the wet beach before it came down some more. So glad they were brave enough to head out under an umbrella for some super fun shots. I love Colorado, but when its negative degrees, I don't mind shooting in Florida! Best of luck to you both Julie and Bill!

Kristin and Colin // Sunrise Amphetheater

After moving to Colorado from Galveston, TX there aren’t many people that I can say are still my friends from my childhood. Our parents being family friends meant that Colin and I have known each other since before we could walk, talk, or even crawl. When we were little I figured we would continue to be friends long after elementary school, but never did I think I would be the one to photograph his wedding. And man was it amazing. They chose Boulder, at the Flagstaff Sunrise Amphitheater to have their ceremony. It had rained at the last few weddings I shot but always cleared up by the ceremony. I was banking on that. 

Kristin looked amazing in her grandmothers wedding dress walked slowly through the trees to meet the man of her dreams when there was a loud bang of thunder. No problem I thought. I was wrong. First a drizzle, and then a rain storm like I have never been outside in before. They say if it rains on your wedding day its good luck. I say it makes for the most memorable wedding, and most amazing pictures. Luckily the reception was as Chitaqua Park to get everyone cozy after that unforgettable monsoon.

You can see this wedding featured on 9 News with an interview from the couple!

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